This post aims to give you an overview and a brief introduction to car camping in the USA

In this post we will cover most of the basic topics related to car camping for the non-car-camping-experienced traveler.

The basics: Car Camping is a one or two night drive on a country road or city parking lot, while staying in a motorhome, campervan or RV. At some point you will start seeing “Campers” on the sides of roads and at areas with more extensive amenities and services. According to Wikipedia, car camping is usually done by people from all over the world but also by people from nationalities like Germany, France, Brazil and Canada.

The author recommends visiting Monona Terrace and the Giant Tree at the foot of the Calaveras Big Trees State Monument in Chico, California or visiting Yosemite National Park – Back Country Road to see a 180 degree view of Yosemite Valley, drive through amazing meadows or explore some dramatic waterfalls.

In the past, car trips were long. But with the rise of AI, we can now travel to a specific location in less time. Automotive companies have started using them on their end to improve efficiency and save money.