How to choose the right travel destination? What is the best car rental company?

How to get the cheapest flight? How to find the best hotel in california? Here are some great travel tips.

Our digital technology has made it possible to make a trip to California in just minutes. All you need is a hotel booking, your credit card and a car. However, the question we need to ask ourselves is whether or not this will hurt the environment?

The author has decided to travel from the UK by road with air transport for 2 weeks. He estimates that there will be around 16 CO2 emissions per person for this journey. With that in mind, he starts his journey by calculating the travel distance and fuel used on his car and also considers other factors such as noise pollution, traffic congestion etc., which may affect him during his trip. He then calculates how much he would have saved if he had travelled by public transport instead of driving.

You can visit California from anywhere in the world. But the best way to see it is by car. A car trip can take you through some of the most beautiful and exotic regions in the US at almost any time of day or night.